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Our Temple purpose is to provide a loving spiritual environment for religious worship and devotion for all believers. Engaging believers in a spiritual manner to evolve their own beliefs to enhance their life and living. We provide various Religious services, doctrine, discipline, schooling, and ordination. Our Programs, activities, and workshops provide communities with health, finance, law, and spiritual resources in a loving environment to evolve their own beliefs to enhance their way of living.

After Church

Heirluminate Ministry is authorized to Ordain, Commission, and License Ministers that stand up for their rights and live their lives with purpose and meaning. Join us in this important mission and be a part of creating a greater future for all of humanity. 


Our Temple is authorized to ordain Ministers with their own 508(c)(1)(A) non-profit organization in alignment with the 1st amendment of the Constitution to achieve the noble status of a Sovereign State. Some benefits and advantages include tax credits for deductible income, write-offs for donations, discounted merchant services, and much more. In addition, you can also receive affidavits, exemption notifications, contribution receipts, diplomatic immunity verification, birth records, tribunal meeting records, and media identification. With your FBO 508, you'll have access to religious/ecclesiastical government and jurisdiction, as well as all types of religious education.

FBO 508 Organization
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Decorated Church
Religious Services

Perform Weddings, Funerals, Naming(s), Coronations, Consecrations, Ordination, Graduations, Rites Ceremonial, Religious Education of all type, Bless Environments, worship services, and religious instruction to support and enhance the lives of all our members.

Programs & Proactivities

Our Programs, activities, and workshops offer food, shelter, Employment opportunities, Healthcare, Education, Empowerment, and Life skills. 

Kids in Church
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